No hidden fees, no rate limits, no throttling. Just fast, reliable, and scalableBlast L2 Nodes.

Never get rate limited again.

Unlimited Uncapped Blast L2 Nodes

Stop wasting time and money optimizing your RPC calls and focus on growing your project.

Artificial rate limits are there to protect the infrastructure provider, not you. They design their infrastructure to be as cheap as possible, pack as many customers per node as possible, and then throttle you when you use it. We don't do that. We'll dedicate a cluster to you, and you can use it as much as you want. and when it breaks you'll failover to another cluster.

Oh, and we won't charge you extra mid month if you hit a spike in traffic and needed an even bigger cluster. Flat rate = Flat rate.

For a select few, we are offering overprovisioned high performance nodes, ideal for growing projects and degen teams.

Pro Edition

The Last RPC Node you'll ever need

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No Rate Limits
  • Dedicated Cluster