Empowering Growth with Specialized Infrastructure and DevOps Services for Crypto & GPU workloads

Unlock the full potential of your blockchain projects with tailored, high-performance infrastructure solutions designed to scale.

Core Services:

High-Performance EVM Nodes

Experience unmatched efficiency with our dedicated EVM nodes for Geth and Erigon. Deployed on-demand for your specific needs, our nodes come with unmetered bandwidth and no rate limits, ensuring your projects never hit a bottleneck.

Advanced Monitoring with Grafana Stack

Stay ahead with our comprehensive monitoring services. We set up, host, and manage a complete Grafana, Prometheus, and Loki stack, providing you with critical insights and real-time alerts about your operations.

Scalable Subgraph Nodes

Expand your capabilities with unlimited subgraph deployments. Our flexible infrastructure supports the dynamic growth of your applications without compromise.

Tailored Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Collaborate with our devs to design and implement infrastructure that fits precisely with your project's needs. From initial concept to full-scale deployment, we're with you at every step.

Past Clients

Why Choose Us?

At Monemetrics, we specialize in creating and managing robust infrastructure solutions specifically tailored for crypto and web3 companies. With deep expertise in crypto project infrastructures and GPU-based workloads, we ensure your technology scales seamlessly alongside your business.

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We're now offering to match pricing for EVM node services to ensure you receive the best value without compromising on performance. Let's talk!